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Standard Shipping is included in 所有 package prices so there are no surprises at checkout! 关于标准装运的具体情况如下:
  • 标准装运是指包裹在 美国大陆 周一-周三,在两个工作日内到达.
  • 我们通过UPS发货, using the most efficient delivery services for delivery within 2 business days of your chosen ship date.
  • UPS does not deliver on Sunday, and Saturday delivery always requires an additional fee. Because of this, 所有 perishable orders leaving on Thursday or Friday require expedited shipping.
  • If you would like your order to arrive faster than 2 business days, you can elect to pay an expediting fee to get it there in 1 business day (if available).
  • All orders shipping to 阿拉斯加, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico require an additional $30 fee per package.
交付是由 没有签名 所以你不需要在家接收包裹.
If you need your package to arrive faster than our standard 2 days, 我们有加急装运选项. 这些选择如下:
  • Next Day: additional $20 per package (arrives in 1 business day)
  • Next Day by Noon: additional $35 per package (arrives by noon, in 1 business day)
  • Saturday Delivery: additional $35 per package (ships on Friday, arrives on Saturday)
并非所有地区都有加急装运的选择. The shipping calendar at checkout will show you what is available for your area.
During non-peak season (January - November) our same day shipping cut-off times are as follows:
  • 星期一: 6:00a.m. (CST)
  • 星期二: 6:00a.m. (CST)
  • 周三: 2:00p.m. (CST)
  • 星期四: 2:00p.m. (CST)
  • 星期五: 12:00p.m. (CST)
  • 我们不上船 星期六 or 星期天
During peak season (December) please plan on placing your order at least 24 hours prior to the day you would like it to ship out.

Major holidays and/or weather conditions may change delivery availability. 我方将尽力随时通知贵方有关情况.

我们给您的建议是:提前订购! Our convenient shipping calendar at checkout 所有ows you to select the date you would like your package to 离开betvlctor体育苹果. Just order as far in advance as you want and select a future ship date. 剩下的就交给我们了!
  1. 完整的街道地址和正确的邮政编码, 公寓或套房号码(如适用), 正确拼写街道和城市
  2. 收件人的日间电话号码
  3. 所有的业务地址都需要一个业务名称
Be sure to double check your delivery address before completing your order! 一旦你的包裹离开我们的设施, any necessary address corrections will incur a $20 fee for a UPS delivery change. Delays in delivery due to incorrect or incomplete shipping addresses voids our guarantee. 我们再怎么说也不为过...请核对和再核对地址!

  • P.O. 盒子
  • APO地址
  • HC地址
交付是由 没有签名 so the recipient does not need to be home to receive the package.
No, unfortunately we are currently only able to ship within the United States (including Hawaii, 阿拉斯加, 和波多黎各).
我们保证在2个工作日内交货. The shipping calendar at checkout will tell you the exact date to expect your package.

You will also receive an email from UPS with a tracking number as soon as your package is shipped. You can follow the tracking 所有 the way from our warehouse to your doorstep!

交付是由 没有签名 所以你不需要在家接收包裹.
We package 所有 perishable food items in a foam cooler with enough dry ice to keep the contents cold for two full days of transit.
Some important information about the dry ice we use in our packages:
  • 干冰非常冷,零下109度.3°F!
  • Any remaining dry ice in your package should be handled with care. 避免与皮肤接触.
  • 一点干冰也没剩下? 没关系! 我们预计干冰会在运输过程中蒸发.
  • We guarantee that your items will still be frozen or cool to the touch upon delivery.
  • If you are not ready to enjoy your items just yet, place the contents in the freezer.
Our method for packaging and shipping our products has been tried and tested many times. We are completely confident that your package will arrive cold to the touch and ready to enjoy. 如果你不满意,请 betvlctor体育苹果.
是的,你可以! 只需遵循这些简单的步骤:
  1. 添加 所有 您想购买的包裹到您的购物车
  2. Click the button that says "Assign Items to Recipients" located at the bottom of your cart.
  3. Enter the name of each recipient next to the package you would like them to receive, 然后按“结帐”键.
  4. While checking out, you will be asked to enter an address and select a ship date for each recipient.

还记得... We 强烈 advise you notify the recipient that a perishable package is coming. Due to the time sensitive nature of our frozen products, UPS always delivers them 没有签名. It would be a crying shame if the food went bad because no one knew it was coming!
我要寄一个包裹作为礼物. 我需要知道什么?
我们的包装是理想的礼物. 谁不想在邮件里收到一份betvlctor体育苹果美食呢?!

We 强烈 advise you notify the recipient that a perishable package is coming. Due to the time sensitive nature of our frozen products, UPS always delivers them 没有签名. It would be a crying shame if the food went bad because no one knew it was coming!

For your convenience, we do not include prices or a receipt of any kind with our shipments.

别忘了附上礼物信息! During the checkout process, you will be asked if you would like to include a gift message. This message appears on the shipping label, on the outside of the package.
给UPS My Choice客户的提示...
If you or your recipient has a UPS My Choice account with instructions to redirect or forward packages, please be sure this is disabled to ensure your package is delivered in a timely manner. 添加ress forwarding or changing a delivery address in transit may cause your package to arrive late.
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betvlctor体育苹果 还有betvictro伟德体育问题吗.



We promise you will be 100% happy with not only your products, 而是你整个betvlctor体育苹果风味的体验.

客户服务是我们的热情. 如果你对我们的产品有任何问题, customer service representatives or shipping please let us know. You and those who receive our package must be delighted or we will make things right.




标准航运包括在所有包价. 需要更快? 只需在结帐时升级.



Perishable items are packed in foam coolers with enough dry ice to keep 'em cold for 2 days of transit.



Your friend or loved one will love what's on the outside of the box as much as what's in it!



Send granny some deep dish and dad some ribs 所有 in the same order. 这很容易,我们保证.

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